Analysis of Corporate Communication – M.Sc. Thesis

bme_msc_thesisThe subject of my university thesis is the analysis of corporate communication. The purpose of the paper is to design and implement a Business Intelligence (BI) system which supports the discovery of those communication groups who are different from the organization structure, the tracing of specific cases and the load measurement of each communication participant.

In the introduction I present the concept and significance of Business Intelligence and those corporate demands which have led to the evolution of BI , and I also enumerate some BI solutions, which are being applied in our days. At the end of this chapter I declare that there is no available BI solution which could support corporate communication analysis in its entirety.The strategic and analysis section of my paper demonstrates the general corporate communication environment and its possibilities from the aspect of analysis, and I set up the concepts and principles of the communication analysis based on those.

I define some analytical method and visualization possibilities and I also design the semantic model of the communication analysis. Henceforward I briefly summarize the typical corporate communication channels and then I specify the details and possibilities of e-mail analysis and those information which can be extracted from it. I describe the required tasks and problems of the e-mail processing, then I introduce and evaluate an e-mail analyzer application called Deep Email Miner.

In the chapter of System Design, I specify the system architecture, the components and functions to be implemented and I also describe the decisions I made during the planning period. Based on the previously defined semantic model, I created the logical data model of the system and I also designed the star-schema of my system’s database considering the design principles of analytical-databases.

Section 6 describes the development and implementation of my system, including the implemented functions, developed modules and those tools, environments and component libraries which have been used for the implementation.

The final part of my thesis evaluates and summarizes the engineering and development results of my Communication Analyzer Systems. During the evaluation I specify the details of message collection, analysis and visualization components, illustrating with measurements and screenshots as the visualization components being important parts of the system.

My intention is that the Communication Analyzer System – with further improvements and more communication channel collection modules beyond e-mail – be a useful, efficient and complete solution for corporate communication analysis.

Read the thesis on Scribd:
– Analysis of Corporate Communication (Hungarian) by Ákos Muráti

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